Joe Smith

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Charm City Cakes Opening Storefront in Harbor East

Originally published February 13, 2017 By Baltimore magazine   Though there was a lot of speculation recently about about whether President Trump’s administration copied a cake design from Charm City Cakes, the local bakery doesn’t seem phased. In fact, the Remington bake shop is doing so well that it’s opening a new storefront in Harbor East this […]

Light City Back In 2017 With ‘Bigger, Brighter, Bolder’ Festival

Originally published January 23, 2017 By CBS Baltimore   BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Get ready Baltimore and mark your calendars, the Light City Festival will be making its triumphant return this spring, with this year’s production expected to outshine last year’s festival. The first Light City was such a success that it has now been expanded to include more neighborhoods, entertainment, […]


There’s something special happening in Harbor East, and to understand it, you have to experience it. Between the delicate balance of boutiques, bars, bistros and boats, this neighborhood is without a doubt the newest haunt for polished living. What will you discover when you visit? Explore the listings below to find out.

Charleston named to OpenTable’s list of top 100 restaurants in 2016

Originally published December 16, 2016 By The Baltimore Sun   Only one Maryland restaurant made OpenTable’s list of 100 Best Restaurants in America for 2016. That honor went to Charleston, a Harbor East restaurant owned by Foreman Wolf Restaurant Group. The rankings were based on more than 10 million reviews of over 24,000 restaurants across the country […]