Wide angle of three women dining over cocktails at a booth inside Maximon restaurant surrounded by greenery
Elevated Mexican
Overhead veiw of taco appetizer, cocktails, and dinnerware on chic marble table with high sunlight/shadows
Private Dining
Host an Affair

Our private dining room is the perfect setting for any occasion whether you’re hosting a breakfast meeting, business presentation, dinner party, or small reception. Select from multiple menu options that utilize the freshest ingredients including our tortillas and salsas that are made in house! Learn more about hosting an event here.

Part of the Atlas Family
Beverage Program
Tequila Por Favor

At Maximón, the beverage program is guided by a passion for tradition. We recognize that agave spirits have a rich history and we seek to honor that legacy by supporting producers that use artisanal and ancestral production methods. We search for labels that are honest about the value that they return to their mezcaleros, farmers, and communities.

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